Welcome to Cultural Interviews with International Executives
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Working w/ North Americans
1. Initial Fact-Finding Phase
2. Win-Win Situations
3. Reacting to Initial Resistance
4. Reformulating Strategies
5. Ratification from Superiors
6. Follow-up after Negotiations
7. Logistical and Emotional Needs
8. International versus Corporate Style
9. Stereotype: Pushy Americans
10. Stereotype: Short-Termed Focus
11. Stereotype: Limited Cultural Knowledge
12. Stereotype: Always in a Hurry
13. Stereotype: Data versus Relationships
14. Stereotype: Litigious in Nature
Professional Activities
1. Communication Style
2. Type of Office
3. Government and Politics
4. Ability versus Connections
5. Race, Color, and Gender
6. Women Executives
7. Loyalty to Self versus Company
8. Working in Groups
9. Responsibility to Society versus Investors
10. Role of Lawyers
11. Getting Side-Tracked
12. Putting Things in Writing
13. Mixing Business and Pleasure
Language Issues
1. Which Language to Speak
2. Buy in Any Language, Sell in Theirs
3. Use of Interpreters
4. Saying 'I Don't Know'
5. Saying 'Yes' or 'No'
6. Avoid Offending Others
Social Situations
1. Formal and Informal Language
2. Greeting Others
3. Gift Giving
4. Non-Drinkers and Vegetarians
5. Invitations to a Home
6. Clothing and Dress
7. Names and Titles
8. Academic Degrees
9. Professional versus Personal Life
10. Machismo
Time and Scheduling
1. Business and Food
2. Agendas
3. Time Is Money
4. Normal Daily Schedule
5. Meal Times and Business