Welcome to Cultural Interviews with Portuguese-Speaking Executives
Cultural Interviews with Portuguese-Speaking Executives is a compilation of over brief video clips in which Portuguese-speaking executives discuss cultural issues that are of interest to North Americans. Over 15 native Portuguese speaking professionals from Brazil offer their opinion on these questions. The objective of the interviews is three-fold: First, provide practical cultural information. The opinions represent those of real people. At times they are even contradictory, but they are designed to be a catalyst for discussion, not to provide a definitive answer about some stereotype. Second, the interviews provide vocabulary in areas within a professional setting. The interviews present diverse vocabulary within the context of each individual's comments. Third, these materials provide non-native speakers of Portuguese with multiple examples of natural speech, illustrating the way that speakers really talk.

Click on any of the topics below and you will be taken to a page with the corresponding videos. Each youtube video is accompanied by a transcript and English translation, and you may also turn on/off the subtitles as desired.

Working w/ North Americans
1. Initial fact-finding phase
2. Win-win situations
3. Reacting to initial resistance
4. Reformulating strategies
5. Ratification from superiors
6. Follow-up after negotiations
7. Logistical and emotional needs
8. International vs. corporate style
9. Stereotype: Pushy American
10. Stereotype: Short-term focused
11. Stereotype: Limited cultural knowledge
12. Stereotype: Always in a hurry
13. Stereotype: Litigious Nature