Akira - Kanagawa, Japan


Well, regarding the question of what to wear in business occasions, I think the point is to not make the other feel uncomfortable. I think this may surely apply to engineers at a research laboratory or factory, at places where there are seemingly not many contacts with the outside. There are many cases where casual clothes are permitted. However, in general, we wear a suit, necktie, and leather shoes, shoes that match with the suit and necktie. I think wearing these is appropriate. The recent exception is what is the so-called “casual Friday.” This is an example in which it is alright to work in casual cloths if it is Friday. Or nowadays, there is a movement called “cool biz,” which is to say that it is OK to not to wear a necktie in the summer, this is becoming more popular in Japanese society. Still, these are considered as exceptions. Considering the flip side, I feel that what's more appropriate is a suit, tie, and shirt. And, in fact, under the hot sun in Tokyo, we still often see a businessman or a businesswoman who are still wearing a suit jacket even though it is around 40 degrees. I also go out for various business sales meetings and on these occasions, without fail I also go out in a jacket, necktie, shirt, and leather shoes.

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