Akira - Kanagawa, Japan


Well, regarding the question of how appointment or schedule management is kept in Japan, until several years ago, it was normal to record things in one's own paper pocketbook. However, due to the advancement of computers, just like the schedule management here at the business school, nowadays in Japan, we use a system where our schedules are shared by online software. This was very true at the office where I used to be, but there were many times when we were out of office, and there were times when none of us was in the office at the same time. Due to the context, when we wanted to hold a meeting together, it was important to know the schedule regardless of where we were and it became very important to adjust our schedules effectively. Therefore, schedule management software in personal computers is an effective weapon. So now we are encouraged or obliged by the company to put our appointment schedule in the software. Later, we confirm teammates' schedules, look for a free time, and set the meeting up for those available times, and then confirm whether or not each is attending the meeting, and then we set up the location of the meeting. I think this is the current situation of appointment management in Japan.

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