Akemo - Chiba, Japan


Um, "masculinity", well, in Japan, in Japanese culture, probably the interpretation varies completely from generation to generation. For my generation, especially women who are older than mid thirties, I think there are various implications. And, I think masculinity differs totally among, for example, housewives, working women, and true career women. Masculinity that I come up against is accountability; being able to take responsibility is regarded as very masculine in Japanese culture. Therefore, the point is, looking at the opposite, not being indecisive and doing exactly what he has said are probably masculine. And, on the other hand, what is "femininity"? I think this probably also varies very much among different generations. I think the environment that one is placed in, whether or not one is working, the type of job that one has, or those who are working at an office with more men, etc., there are many deciding factors that change the view of femininity as well. Femininity, let me see, I probably think there is something that only women possess from birth, such as gentleness or something that absolutely only women can do. There are women who display this kind of idiosyncrasy properly, for example, at the moment when taking a load off from her shoulders no matter how hard she has been working in men's world. To me, I think these women are lovely.

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