Welcome to Cultural Interviews with International Business Executives

Cultural Interviews with International Business Executives is a compilation of around 1000 brief video clips in which executives from different countries discuss (in their native language) cultural issues that are of interest to North Americans. These executives offer their opinion on a number of issues related to their experience in working with North Americans. These interviews serve as an excellent resource for intermediate and advanced learners of a foreign language. To date we have executives who speak Spanish, German, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, and Portuguese. Beyond foreign language learning, these interviews also serve to compare cross-cultural opinions about professional activities.

We have subdivided the interviews into 5 major topics: Working w/ North Americans, Professional Activities, Language Issues, Social Situations, Time & Scheduling. Users can view these interviews either by language (click on any of the languages on the sidebar) or all together by topics (click on 'All interviews by topic' on the sidebar). All of the video clips are also available on youtube (and they are embedded here in this site). Many of the youtube video clips provide subtitles, which you are welcome to turn on or off, depending on personal preferences.

These materials were created with support from the University of Texas CIBER (Center for International Business Education and Research) and the University of Texas LAITS (Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services).

th_orkhead.jpgOrlando R. Kelm (University of Texas at Austin)HHHth_jeanette.gifJeanette Chen (University of Texas at Austin)
th_midori.gifMidori Tanaka (University of Texas at Austin)HHHHth_kerstin.gifKerstin Somerholter (Saint Edwards University)
th_haidan.gifHaidan Wang (University of Hawaii)HHHHHHHHHHth_rathmann.gifMarc Rathmann (Purdue University)
th_marina.jpgMarina Alexandrova (University of Texas at Austin)